Winter is Coming

A photo essay of our time on the Krk Island in Croatia.


It’s been a really relaxed few days here as the Island winds down for winter. At times it has just been us and a handful of others wandering the streets. Most of the hotels and resorts, certainly all the camping grounds have closed as well as the bars and restaurants. Imagine a whole island that closes down for 6 months. At times the thought has crossed my mind that they will close some imaginary gate to the Island as well and we will be trapped here until next summer.

It’s amazing how here on this tiny island off the coast of Croatia, that the history dates back so far and that most of the towns are surrounded by fortified walls.

Today was the first day that I haven’t swum because it’s been overcast all day. Driving around I’ve noticed the autumn colours in the trees and the locals are out harvesting their olives before winter. I just love the oldness of these towns and the way everything seems so self sufficient. Every second car is a man and his tractor. We sit and watch the fisherman rejoice in a net full of sprats caught from their little wooden boats 3 meters from the shoreline and watch the old ladies tend their gardens.


Today we climbed some handmade stone steps over a secret beach inside a cave that actually led to a person’s house perched on the side of a cliff overlooking the bay before having to climb his fence to the village beyond. At the top was a wine bar overlooking the whole bay where we sampled the local drop before heading down through the world’s narrowest street.

Tonight we are perched on some rocks overlooking the lights of the big city beyond as a lone fisherman trawls past. It’s really been a magical time and we wonder how we will cope leaving such a simple life to head back to the large crowds of tourist’s in places like Venice. Lucky for us we have a few more days left to hide away here in Croatia.


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