Hi we are Sara and Doug and we are 2 midlifers about to embark on our bucket list trip to The U.K and Europe in our newly purchased motorhome. We would love you to follow our journey.

About Us

Hi we are Douglas and Sara and we are 2 midlifers from New Zealand about to chuck in our everyday lives to embark on what we hope to be the first of many bucketlist adventures. Touring The U.K and Europe in our new Motorhome.

We have always been adventurous so I guess for those that know us, taking this step will not come as a complete surprise. I also feel the kids have definately resigned themselves to the fact that there will be NO inheritance coming their way, (If you’re reading this kids it’s official).  While those around us are sensibly hoarding the last few savings before retirement, we are practically blowing the whole god damn pot so we are definitely nervous.

This blog is not just about sharing our love of travels and our day to day ups and downs; we hope to inspire others standing on the edge of that cliff to jump too, ( just so that we are not the only fools standing at the bottom).

So please follow our journey, we welcome you along.

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