Sunday’s Are Made of This

Rovinj was described in the travel guides as being “The most romantic place in all of Croatia”. It certainly is beautiful, however when we arrived it was pouring with rain, like bucketing down cats and dogs and we were a bit perplexed as to what to do with ourselves in the rain. You see we haven’t had rain during the day in the whole 3 months of travelling. Silly really but we solved our predicament by heading to the laundromat to catch up on weeks of washing. We are getting really good at wearing the same clothes now for a week but oh the feeling of clean sheets and towels that actually smell good.

After all that exhausting washing we actually found a carpark with 3 other motorhomes in and had a nana nap. We don’t often do that either but it was still bucketing down and how can you possibly visit the most romantic place in Croatia when it’s raining?

Thankfully the rain cleared late in the afternoon and we discovered the motorhomes next door were the kiwis we had met in Ljubljana, it’s such a small world of carparks. They said they had been there for a day with no problems so off we went reassured to wander the streets of Rovinj.


Rovinj is made for wandering. It’s a labyrinth of  never ending cobbled lanes just like a maze and you kind of breath a sigh of relief when you finally find your way out before instantly wishing you were inside again.


We spent a wonderful evening there before heading back to sleep. For some reason we both had a crap sleep so awoke a little grumpy which turned a little grumpier when just as I was putting my shoes on to head into Rovinj again, an even grumpier policeman knocked on our door threatening large fines unless we all moved on instantly. Obviously we moved on quick smart.

Not a great start to our day but being a glass half full kind of person, we headed back into Rovinj for a last look around,  where we found this beauty of a coffee shop right on the water and it all felt much better.


Being in a paid carpark at 3€ per hour is certainly a deterrent for overstaying your welcome in Rovinj,  so we made tracks fast and headed, quite by accident to the gorgeous historic town of Bale or Vale. Why do all these towns have two names?


It just feels so historic almost as if the buildings could crumble at any moment leaving the town as one big pile of stone and rubble.

It’s Sunday and for us we felt like camping on the coast and experiencing what Croatia is famous for, rocky shorelines and translucent waters so that’s where we’ve headed. It was a bit of a rocky start actually down this muddy goat track that I knew Doug would hate taking the motorhome on and it seemed to go on forever and ever getting more and more remote as we went along. Finally we hit the coast and found a nice spot next to some “sausage swimmers”, Doug’s name for nudists, but actually they weren’t nudists so we are happily camped by the seaside and I’ve had a swim and its it’s all lovely jubly except the sun has now faded behind a cloud.


You just can’t have everything.




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