Tunneling through Norway

The last few days we have been making our way towards Bergen, which is the second biggest city in Norway, although in comparison to other big cities in the world, it’s actually quite compact.

From our ferry in Nesvik, which was another 239 Nok for a crossing that I could probably throw a stone further than, we wandered beside the Fjords as they wound their way through the mountainsides.


I have held my breath a few times over the last few days however because these roads are not wide and on one side you have these jagged mountain edges and on the other a sheer cliff face.

Then comes the interesting bit, in between coming toward you, is a massive truck that doesn’t appear to know how to locate his brakes so quite a few times I  have held my breath.


Norwegians are the architects of roading. If they are not building roads on the rock, they are tunneling through it, or spanning massive Fjords with amazing bridges.


I wish that we had counted the tunnels before I realised just how many tunnels we would encounter because we have been through a serious amount of them – some as long as 8 kms.


No this is not a UFO or a casino in a tunnel but a roundabout in the middle of a tunnel!!! Pretty impressive stuff.


The Tourist Route to Bergen is definitely worth the drive, not as spectacular as our previous drives through the mountains, I’m not sure we will ever see anything like that again, but it’s pretty enough with spectacular fjord views, waterfalls and mountainsides covered in fruit trees. This particular route is a fruit growing regions so you will find lots of stalls on the side of the road selling plums and apples.


We did detour slightly to view the Waterfall at Steinsdalsfossen. Imagine a waterfall that you can actually walk behind.


I think I will save Bergen for its own post as I think it deserves it. This World Heritage UNESCO city is really beautiful so I will leave it there.

Tonight we are just out of Voss which is North of Bergen. Actually North and slightly to the East, (14kms to be exact). BUT WHO’S COUNTING?


The reason – we use the Park4night App to find our camping spots and this particular one said, ” Beautiful spot with stunning views and we had a special visitor overnight ….”. Since I have been in Norway I have seen roadsigns EVERYWHERE showing either a Moose or a Reindeer and to be aware of them. Well I have looked and looked and not one bloody reindeer anywhere in sight!! So I’m hoping that the special visitor might be a Reindeer. Sadly for me just as we arrived we saw 3 cows walking down the road🤣🤣🤣.

You can check out where we are on our travels on our interactive map under Maps.



4 thoughts on “Tunneling through Norway

  1. You will see reindeer when you get right up north. The tunnels are amazing. We drove through one which was 27k long. I am not exaggerating.


    1. Downunder Wanderings August 29, 2018 — 7:51 am

      Should we go right up north we are deliberaring and any advice would be apprecited.


  2. Great post. Thank You. Once we drove from Finland to:

    Road trip to Nordkapp

    We loved it very much.

    Happy and safe travels!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Downunder Wanderings November 17, 2018 — 12:09 pm

      Can’t believe the reindeer you saw

      Liked by 1 person

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