Getting Gas Again

Biggest time waster of our trip…. Getting gas.

So as you may have read we had a few issues in France but the pain of that has faded in my mind. That was until today.

When I was at Primary School I studied Norway and I fell in love with the romantic pictures of mountains and fjords so to even contemplate going there is almost a dream and we are nearly at the top of Denmark and it’s just too tempting. However we were running low on gas so that was the decider. If we could get gas – we can go.

Initially we rocked up to a service station. Yes we can buy a bottle BUT the cost is around 900 kroner or roughly $200 NZD for a 11kg bottle of gas AND then you need the fittings.

My attempts at Google told me that maybe in Voss in Norway the gas station there will fill your swap a bottle and perhaps Minol Gas Stations will fill the Calor bottles. It was just to vague for my liking especially when I need to stock up the fridge for Norway.

A quick visit to a Caravan Shop gave us a light bulb moment. Denmark’s equalivant to Trade Me found us a secondhand bottle for less than half the price of new plus the fitting and it was full of gas. Possibly fell off the back of a truck but I don’t need to play policeman here.

All in all the experience cost us $115.00 NZD for an 11kg bottle of gas but …. we can go to Norway.

The planning is giving me a headache though, the ferries and the routes etc so would love to hear from from others that have motorhomed through Norway for whatever information we can glean.

Highlight of the day, feeding the deer in the Deer Park in Aarhus.

Tomorrow I’m going shopping for cans.


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