Breaking the Rules

We broke all the rules yesterday. Here’s why.

When we lived on Ninety Mile Beach, Doug rarely took his 4×4 on the beach but here we are with our house parked on the beach. (It’s now had a full wash).

The sand here is very compact and easy to drive on although we still saw a couple of campers bogged down in some softer stuff. It was quite windy and yet everyone was here with their tents and wind shades and picnic tables and the motorhomes were even staying the night on the beach.

It was a great place for a wander and a morning cup of tea.

Since we bought the “bumber” grocery shop for Norway and began rationing our supplies all we have done is eat more. By the time we actually get to Norway we will be down to porridge and crackers.

Our afternoon was spent on the island of Mando which is accessed by a causeway from the Mainland. The island itself is surrounded by a dike so safe from the ebbing tides but the causeway finds itself under water twice in every 24hrs so it’s wise to choose your crossing times carefully.

It’s a quaint little island with 35 full time residents and is famous for the tractor buses which head out over the wetlands.

We’ve headed up the coast a bit tonight for our camping spot, if it wasn’t so windy it would be an idyllic spot but an early night is required because all this travelling is exhausting.


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