The G String Diet is Over

Having left the Highlands we have “ambled” abit. Yesterday we “ambled” through Glencoe and the surrounding area. Glencoe for me is the Ohakune of NZ, its all about nature, skiing, mountain biking and hiking the great walks. Dotted around the hillsides here and there are little explosions of colour as hikers take to the trails with their backpacks and hiking sticks. The great thing about Scotland is their wild camping policy and with these wonderful trails that stretch for miles over the most glorious terrain, its the ability to pitch a tent from any postcard view.


We havent done any hiking yet due to Doug’s knee but we have wandered around the little towns in the glens and come across a few beauties.


One such beauty was The Dover Inn which is a country pub along the shores of Loch Lomand. It looks grand from the outside which was the reason we stopped, we had no idea it was The Scottish Pub of the Year but as we entered to the belting tunes of AC/DC it felt like it could certainly be special.



Built in the 17th century it houses quite the collection of exotic stuffed animals, you’re even greeted at the door by a giant stuffed bear oh and a scotsman wearing a kilt.


Its dark, its dingy and filled with treasures and we just loved it.

IMG_0788 (1)

Our night was spent on the shores of Loch Lomand where I roasted a chicken in my fabulous oven. The motorhome has been going great and there are certain features such as the oven and the fridge and the storage cupboards that we have been very impressed with. Being on the road for 6 months doesnt exactly mean living on instant noodles but it does mean we eat in a lot with the odd beer battered haddock or scone along the way as a treat. Lucky for me, after working as a chef and making salads in 50 L fish bins for the last year, my mojo for cooking at home has come back. Lucky for Doug anyway however my G string diet has definitely suffered!!


The motorhome has handled the roads with ease and provided a smooth, comfortable ride over some pretty hairy roads. So far its lived up to our expectations.

IMG_0797 (1)We are off to Glasgow today any tips?


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