Bealach na Ba

Two things happened today.

The sun shone for the first time since hitting The North Coast 500. Not continuously, merely just a glimpse but it felt amazing.


The second thing that happened was after a feed of fresh Haddock in crispy batter, chips, mushy peas and homemade tartare sauce  in the charming village of Applecross we drove The Bealach na Ba.


The photos simply do not do the drive justice. Basically its a one lane goat track winding its way up a mountainous range of incredibly rocky porportions with passing lanes every 200 metres apart to let oncoming traffic past. Of course being of  goat track porportions means the passing lanes aren’t exactly wide. Hence its not a recommended motorhome route however its such a spectacular drive that we just couldnt resist.

Of course going up only means one thing… Going down. On our way down we witnessed a larger motorhome burn his clutch out on a particularly nasty bend as he climbed the hill past us. Its definately not for the faint hearted, (or extra large motorhomes),  but in saying that endless bicyclists past us on the journey up the mountainside. I certainly take my hat off to them.

Certainly a great ending to our North Coast 500 journey and now that we are back to highway roads, we both feel like we have lost something special.


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