Edinburgh – The Final Countdown

There is a previous post coming re our time in London but my photos are stuck in my camera so will post later.Words actually fail me when it comes to describing Edinburgh’s beauty. I’m in absolute awe of its historical presence and it’s preservation.



We arrived from London by train and as the English countryside rolled away around us, the coast began to declare itself surrounded by stone walls and a tiny snippet of what was to come began to unveil itself to us. Tiny and I say tiny because as we drove in our London Taxi toward our hotel, we were just blown away by the sheer magnitude of the historical buildings.





We breakfasted in this gorgeous old worlde woodworkers cottage and feasted on the traditional fare of porridge and haggis sausages.



If you are in need of a tartan scarf, a kilt, a shot of whiskey or a box of shortbread, you will be spoilt for choice here.



Sadly we are both full of the flu however we have arrived in Edinburgh to the good news that the HMRC code that was needed for the VAT refund has finally arrived which means we can finally pick up the Motorhome however as it’s Saturday we won’t be able to complete the transaction until Monday. There is always something. The long wait is almost over.


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