Finding Heaven in a Mountain Lodge

I found heaven today in a mountain lodge. It was incredible.


After the rain of last night we awoke to beautiful sunshine and glistening green waters.


The plan was to do the Sognefjellet National Tourist Route to Lom. Believe it or not we actually achieved the whole 92kms in one day although we were both sorely tempted to stop and just camp up for the day. So far we have driven some spectacular roads and seen some spectacular scenery. So much so I have had to buy another memory card for the camera. Today’s drive however, was the best yet. Really no words will do justice to the drive and probably neither will my photography, but I will try.


About halfway through the mountainside we came across this mountain lodge, quite typical of any ski lodge except this one had a dome attached to it. Being such a beautiful day we decided to stop for a coffee. Inside the dome it was all heavy wooden, blonde beams and glass panelling through which was a stunning view outside to the snow and the lake.


So we sat drinking coffee with the sun’s rays beaming down on us and as corny as it sounds – it was pure heaven.


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