Getting Lost and Ending Up Here

This morning we left our campsite in Genk which is just over the border in The Netherlands for the Windmills in Kinderdijk. We had decided to take the motorway this time because the tiki tour route was over 3 hours longer.

We were doing great, being a Sunday the motorway was quiet and we had a great trip in and we were nearing Dordrecht where we planned to take the Waterbus to Kinderdijk. That’s when things went a little off course.

I was looking for a free car parking spot just outside the city on my apps when I came across a spot that looked perfect, canal, boats, historic town and you could catch the water taxi from there. So we quickly turned around.

The only problem was it was the wrong water taxi that went no where near Dordrecht or the Windmills in Kinderdijk.

Yet here we are in Woudrichem, overlooking the marina and the canals with the Sunday trippers and their various vessels scouting about, (Doug thinks he’s spied his long lost family on the shore opposite us in a beautiful wooden tender that probably belongs to an even bigger and more beautiful ship).


IMG_1295IMG_1302We’ve dipped our toes in the canal, even though it’s a silty brown and spent my daily allowance on 2 glasses of Rose and 2 glasses of the local beer plus 1 pot of homemade jam bought from the local windmill.


For dinner we have had the obligatory omelette and all and all its been a fabulously lazy day. I almost hope we can get lost again tomorrow.


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