Beautiful Brugges

We spent two nights in or around Brugges thanks to the aide of my park4night App. Both nights spent next to a canal watching the canal boats glide past and the fisherman with their long black poles trying their luck. All around us the cycleways whir with a never ending stream of cyclists and every night we went to bed to the most magnificent sunsets.

Belgium is very clean. From the motorways to the paved almost footpath like roads to the city streets with the cobblestone lanes. Even the houses are superbly maintained with large manicured gardens with not a blade of grass , ( if they had any), out of place. It looks like they haven’t seen rain for months.

When we first arrived in Brugges, being a bit paranoid about parking our rather large motorhome, we chose the outskirts of the main town and ate in a restaurant/pub just across the street. It was a gorgeous place just inside the city canal but very very quiet. After we ate, we drove up the street to turn around thinking we were done.

Well our street turned into a lane way which practically turned into a footpath with hundreds of cyclists and pedestrians coming at us from all angles. We had found the people.

It appears, probably like most towns in Europe, that the hive of activity begins in The Central Marketplace and Brugges is no exception. Adding to the confusion were horses and carts, trams, buses, canal boats, ice cream carts, outdoor eateries even buskers. It certainly makes the eyes pop especially when your driving through in your 7.5 metre motorhome.

It’s the most beautiful city full of stunning architecture and history.

And of course chocolate.

We have got a lot smarter now of course and yesterday we parked just outside of the city canals which was free for the entire day and walked to town. I have found once again the park4night App to be useful researching areas to park during the day as well. I have one thing on my mind now though…. electric bikes.


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