The Merry Go Rounds of M1s, A1s and B52s.

To be honest the last 48 hours haven’t been that flash but I guess that’s travelling for you. Real life is not all instagram.

The city of York was grand. With history that dates back to 7000BC , the relics from eras gone by are amazing. The roman walls cloak the city encompassing the York Ministries which is one of Europe’s most magnificent medieval churches. There is history at every turn.

I loved the city gardens and wandering along the riverfront between the beautiful stately homes and the houseboats docked on the side where their dwellers went about their morning houseboat duties.

However what I loved most though were the little cobbled laneways and the decadent shopfronts which sadly put the main street of our fair city of Auckland to shame. Where are the flowers and the buntings and the beautifully staged front windows?

Getting back to the motorhome, I guess it’s always the way when you purchase something new to have a few teething problems but it’s how those teething problems are dealt with that make the difference. It’s really been a vicious circle of trying to get the help we need to sort the problems out. So the last two days have been spent back and forth on the M1s and A5s and B550s and round and around roundabouts trying to actually find the right M1 and A5 and then sitting on the side of the road for several hours waiting for phonecalls.

After many deep breathes, (and a bunch of flowers to clear the air), we found ourselves quite by chance in a random field where a hot air balloon floated before us eating baked beans and poached eggs for dinner because I couldn’t be bothered cooking and it was a great respite.

Today we have wandered around Rye where we found ourselves turning up to a booked service only to discover they knew nothing of us however Rye was a complete find with lots of secondhand dealers and foodie places.

I guess the lesson is to every cloud there is always a silver lining and I just have to go with that.


2 thoughts on “The Merry Go Rounds of M1s, A1s and B52s.

  1. Just to let you know how much we are enjoying reading about your travels, having just got back from ours. Our motto for difficult times was to pull over and have a cup of tea!!! To be honest they are the time we talk about most and get the most laughs from….so hang in there, have a cup of tea and watch hot air balloons hover over your home on the road!!! And remember HOME IS WHERE YOU PARK IT!!!!

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    1. Downunder Wanderings July 27, 2018 — 7:29 pm

      Thank you for the reminder😀 glad you like the blog. We are back on the road and smiling.


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